1. Google to Buy Gaming Company Twitch

    #Google to Buy Gaming Company #Twitch


    IMG: Twitch

    Variety reported back in May that YouTube, part of the Google family, had reached a deal to acquire the game-streaming service Twitch for $1 billion. The companies refused to comment on the matter at the time, and two months later everyone assumed the deal had fallen apart.

    However, a report from GamesBeat states that the acquisition will indeed go through. The exact price won’t be…

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  2. KKR Invests $175 Million in Swiss Online Businesses

    KKR #Invests $175 Million in Swiss Online Businesses


    IMG: via Shutterstock

    Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR) is spending $175 million to purchase minority stakes in Swiss online marketplaces for cars and homes. The New York-based private equity firm will purchase almost 50% of Scout24 Schweiz AG, which operates a network of online marketplaces for real estate and automotive sales, and Omnimedia AG, an online advertising firm that markets those…

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  3. Tony Gemignani is the Pizza King

    Tony Gemignani is the Pizza King

    Tony Gemignani

    Tony Gemignani IMG: via Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

    Tony Gemignani is a world-renowned pizza aficionado and the 2007 World Pizza Cup Champion. He’s the owner of seven high-quality pizza restaurants in the west coast and has been featured on numerous television programs like Good Morning America and the Tonight Show. Earlier this year he released “The Pizza Bible,” a book on all things pizza.


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  4. Money Can Buy Happiness – But Up to a Point

    Money Can Buy Happiness – But Up to a Point

    Does money really buy happiness?

    Does money really buy happiness? IMG: via Shutterstock.

    It’s a constant back and forth: some believe money can’t buy happiness, others see money as the only way to be fulfilled. As it turns out, both are right.

    In his new analysis comparing salary to happiness, Doug Short, vice president of research at the investment group Advisor Perspectives, found that money can certainly buy happiness but…

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  5. Microsoft to Lay Off 18,000 Workers

    #Microsoft to Lay Off 18,000 Workers


    IMG: via Microsoft

    Microsoft has been making headlines lately, but not for what one might expect.

    Earlier this month the company said it would be eliminating up to 18,000 jobs – that’s almost 15% of its workforce – over the next year in order to integrate its business with Nokia, the company Microsoft purchased back in April. Microsoft’s employer roster went from 99,000 to 127,000 after the…

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  6. CEOs Receive Leadership Training in Unique Boot Camp

    #CEOs Receive #Leadership Training in Unique Boot Camp


    All great leaders need to brush up on their skills. IMG: via Shutterstock.

    Last year, The Miles Group, along with the Stanford Business School, ran a studyregarding CEOs and their ability to access outside leadership advice. Nearly two-thirds of CEOs cited a ‘lonely at the top’ perspective, stating they did not receive coaching or leadership advice within their company or outside sources. The…

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  7. Uber Will Be Capping Price Surges During Emergencies

    Uber Will Be Capping Price Surges During Emergencies

    Uber Surge Prices

    Uber Surge Prices

    New Yorkers will no longer have to worry about price gouging during emergencies. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announcedthat Uber will now be complying with a state law (enacted in 1978) banning price gouging in times of need. While this particular matter is focused solely on the New York area, Schneiderman said in his statement that Uber will be adopting this policy…

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  8. @HabitBurger Named Best Burger in America

    Habit Burger was founded in 1969 by two Southern California brothers in search of a good burger.


  9. We Are Definitely Married to Our Phones

    We Are Definitely Married to Our #Phones


    Are you obsessed with your phone? IMG: via Shutterstock.

    Business Insider wanted to know how much adults use their phones, and what they found was not surprising. It was, however, a bit disconcerting.

    There are more than five billion phone users in the world, with 30% owning smartphones. In the United States the average time spent per day on the phone is nearly three hours (2 hours and 42 minutes…

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  10. Archer Daniel Midland Finalizes Largest Acquisition to Date

    Archer Daniel Midland @ADMupdates Finalizes Largest Acquisition to Date


    Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM), one of the largest agricultural and food-processing corporations in the country, recently announced its plan to acquire privately operated Swiss company Wild Flavors. According to Crain’s Chicago Business, the “all-cash deal will total $3.13 billion counting debt, or 2.3 billion euros.” The acquisition will be ADM’s largest purchase to date.

    Wild Flavors is…

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