1. Google Launches Google Express, A Same-Day Delivery Service

    Google Launches Google Express, A Same-Day Delivery Service

    During the summer, Google began testing its new same-day shipping delivery service, Google Express. Now, mere months after the trial period, the program is full blown. On Tuesday this week, Google Express began offering consumers a subscription that costs $95 a year, or $10 a month to receive free same-day deliveries from a wide range of shops.

    The new program competes with the $99 Amazon Prime…

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  2. Meet Elizabeth Holmes: The Youngest Female Billionaire

    Meet Elizabeth Holmes: The Youngest Female Billionaire

    Many lists detailing the highest-paid business executives and self-made billionaires disproportionately feature men. However, 30-year-old Elizabeth Holmes has disrupted those lists with her title as the youngest female billionaire in the world. Elizabeth-Holmes

    At the age of 19, Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of her chemical engineering programat Stanford University and used the tuition money her parents had saved…

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  3. Landing the Job After the Interview: The Follow-Up

    Landing the Job After the Interview: The Follow-Up

    Any contact you make with a potential employer is another chance to make a lasting impression on them. It’s more than just getting the interview and impressing the company owner or HR representative with your intelligence and integrity – you have to engage in some sort of follow-up.

    Be sure to follow-up as quickly as possible after an interview, be it via email or handwritten note. If sending an…

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  4. KKR Invests $350 Billion in Texas Oil

    KKR Invests $350 Billion in Texas Oil

    Global investment firm KKR has announced it will buy oil and gas properties from Linn Energy for $350 billion, the latest in a series of aggressive energy-related purchases this year. Led by Chairman Henry R. Kravis, KKR will make the purchase through its KKR Natural Resources division with Fleur de Lis Energy. The deal will close in the fourth quarter.

    “These are high quality assets that fit our…

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  5. 4 Qualities of People That are Great to Work With

    4 Qualities of People That are Great to Work With

    There are many qualities that you look for in friends, colleagues, and the other people you want in your life. The type of co-workers we work with can have a huge influence on us, especially because we see them almost everyday. Below are four qualities managers and hiring directors should be looking for in future employees.

    They make us feel smarter than we are.These are the people who share the…

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  6. 3 Ways to Build Confidence in the Workplace

    3 Ways to Build Confidence in the Workplace

    Being a new employee, especially in a first job, can feel very intimidating. And even if you aren’t new, it can be difficult to get up in front of a room or even to voice your opinion in a meeting. Outside of continuing to practice and take the opportunities to improve these skills and build confidence, there are several other tips to developing the most confident, professional version of you.


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  7. Moody’s CEO Sees Business Growth in Light of Stricter Regulations

    Moody’s CEO Sees Business Growth in Light of Stricter Regulations

    Prominent ratings agency Moody’s Corp. has experienced much legal and regulatory scrutiny within the last few years, prompted by the financial crisis of 2008. However, partner and analyst at hedge fund firm The Children’s Investment Fund (U.K.) Alex Baring has stated that it’s because of these stricter regulations, that Moody’s has emerged as an even stronger business, and Ray McDaniel, Moody’s…

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  8. Chrysler Recalls 349k Cars to Fix Ignition

    Chrysler Recalls 349k Cars to Fix Ignition

    The Chrysler Group has ordered a recall of 349,442 cars and SUVs from the 2008 model year to fix faulty ignition switches that can move out of position. This technical glitch is incredibly serious as it could potentially lead to the engine shutting off while driving and air bags not functioning. Yikes! Chrysler has only reported one accident with no injuries or deaths due to the issue.

    The car…

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  9. Hedge Fund Activists Set Sights on TransCanada

    Hedge Fund Activists Set Sights on TransCanada

    Based in Calgary, TransCanada is best known as a proponent of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline that would run from Alberta to Texas.  Though the project is overwhelmed by setbacks, including increased costs (it’s possible that the overall cost could double from the estimated $5.4 billion if the US government approves the project), TransCanada stock is still going strong, gaining 3.31% and…

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  10. Microsoft Delays Xbox One Launch in China

    Microsoft Delays Xbox One Launch in China

    The arrival of the Xbox One, which was originally slated to be released in China earlier this week, has now has been delayed until sometime before the end of the year.

    So far, various Microsoft reps have addressed the delay but have been unclear about the reasons behind it. “At Xbox, we pride ourselves on delivering first-rate gaming and entertainment experiences, and to allow us to deliver on…

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