1. Facebook Heading into Money-Transfer Market

    #Facebook Heading into Money-Transfer Market

    Facebook’s one billion users may have another reason to stay loyal to the social networking giant.

    facebook logofacebook logoAccording to a source in the financial industry with ties to Facebook, the company is gearing to open a wire service that will allow money-transfers (between users) through the website.

    “Facebook is thinking about financial services in general, money transfer being one of these areas,” the source…

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  2. Dan Loeb Fires Back with ‘Value Sothebys’ Website

    Last week, Sotheby’s released an online presentation regarding the Third Point nominees for its board, citing that they had ‘no incremental experience’ to join. Third Point has now shot back with a presentation of its own, creating a website called ValueSothebys.com to showcase the nominees’ experience as well as criticize the board’s attack on their experience as a ‘misdirection campaign.’ Third…

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  3. Imgur Raises $40 Million

    Imgur's founder Alan Schaaf.

    Imgur’s founder Alan Schaaf. IMG: via Imgur.

    Imgur is an image hosting website that has more than one million images uploaded daily by tens of millions of users. Founded in 2009 by then college student Alan Schaaf, Imgur turned into an instant success and is on its way to becoming a heavy player in the startup world. Imgur recently received $40 million from venture capital firm Andreessen…

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  5. Target Launches ‘Made to Matter’ as a Step Into the Organic World

    Target Launches ‘Made to Matter’ as a Step Into the Organic World

    target-logoTarget is no stranger to the world of high-end/lower-end-meshed goods; they’ve been teaming up with big-named designers for years. But now the retail giant is looking to move beyond clothes and into natural and organic products. Its goal? To be a real competitor to places like Whole Foods.

    Target’s new “Made to Matter” collectionfeatures 17 brands selling health and wellness products that will be…

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  7. Twitter Is Giving Itself a Makeover

    Twitter Is Giving Itself a Makeover

    Twitter-LogoTweeters of the world, get ready for a Twitter makeover – and a way to show everyone how popular (or not so popular) you are.

    Twitter is rolling out a new version that will allow users to control the visual contents of their pages, meaning you get to pick and choose what others will see when they click on your profile. Popular tweets (meaning those that are favorited, retweeted or replied to)…

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  8. Does Dodd Frank Mostly Mean “Too Small To Succeed”?

    Does Dodd Frank Mostly Mean “Too Small To Succeed”?

    Dan Baird

    Dan Baird, chief executive of Capital Funding Group.

    When the financial crisis hit in 2008, banks were a huge part of why the economy crashed so hard. After the dotcom revolution and subsequent prosperity that was the early 2000s, banks adopted a “too big to fail” notion; unfortunately, big banks were so busy soaring high that they forgot to pay attention to their rotting foundations.


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  9. Carl Icahn Gains More Seats At Herbalife

    Carl Icahn Gains More Seats At Herbalife

    Carl Icahn

    Carl Icahn IMG via Twitter.

    Billionaire investor Carl Icahn has received three more seats on the board at Herbalife, which he has supported as short-sellers attack its business practices. Herbalife shares were up 6.8 percent in early afternoon trading on March 24th, when they got a boost from news that rival direct-seller NU Skin Enterprises Inc had been fined $540,000 by Chinese regulators for…

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